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In the previous article of this blog series, we focused on how to prepare for a recording in a different language and provided a checklist of the information you need before contacting voice talents:

1. Do you have a translated script?
2. Which languages do you need the voiceovers for? Do you need a specific accent or variant of a language?
3. What will the voice recording be used for?
4. Do you need a male or female voice?
5. What’s the delivery deadline?

Once you have that information, you’re ready to look for a voice talent, but there are three approaches you can take on your search:

One option is a DIY approach; a second one is to outsource and let someone else handle the whole hiring process, while a third option is a hybrid of the first two options.

Three approaches to hiring a VO talent:


This means you’re involved in every step of the process: searching for voice talents yourself, contacting the VOs directly, asking for demos, selecting the one you want, and working directly with that person.

One way you can search for voice talents is by using Google or other search engines; make sure to use specific search terms like “male Spanish voice artist Mexican accent” or “mature female Russian voiceover” as Google’s large database will generate many, many results for you to sift through.

If Google’s results are too much, you can use a freelance marketplace for voiceovers. Freelance marketplaces are platforms where many independent voice talents signup to offer their services. As they come from around the world, you can easily find voice artists with the qualities and in the languages you need. One thing to note is that most freelance marketplaces don’t vet their freelancers nor do they have a rigorous selection process. It may be time-consuming to do research on the candidates; there are also risks in working with unvetted individuals.

Alternatively, you can check to see that the professional voice talent search site has already vetted voice actors. These sites help you find, manage, and make sure your voice-over project meets your standards.  Besides exclusively offering experienced voice actors, most of these sites also let you narrow your search by industry, voice type, and services they offer, among other filters.


In contrast, you can leave the entire process at the hands of an experienced voice talent agency.  Voice talent agencies know the nuances of the voice-over industry and can find the most suitable voice candidates for you.  Agencies typically already have a pre-selected roster of professional voice artists you can hire through their directory. After submitting your script and requirements, they will find the right voice artist for you by providing you with demos, coordinating with the selected talent, and delivering the recording file to you by the due date.


The DIY approach may be time-consuming while the outsourcing approach will incur higher costs. VideoLocalize offers a hybrid of the two: from our vetted roster of experienced voice talents, choose and listen to the demos meeting your language requirements. Once you know which one you like, place an online order with that voice artist, make the payment online, and by your requested deadline, you will receive the audio files by email.

Whichever approach you decide on depends on how much control you want in choosing the right voice, how much time you have to devote to coordinating the recording yourself, and how urgent the deadline is.

If you still have questions or have an upcoming voiceover project, please reach out.  Someone from our team will be happy to assist.


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