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Do you need a voiceover recording? VideoLocalize’s pool of experienced voice artists can help.  

The Voiceover MarketPlace provides a selection of professional voice artists specializing in over 60 of the most popular languages.  These voice artists are all native speakers with experience in recording for a variety of purposes, either in their own home studios or in a professional studio.

Once a script is ready, go to the VO MarketPlace to get started:


  1. Choose the voiceover language and the number of words in the script. A selection of voice artists will appear.
  2. Listen to the voice samples displayed.
  3. Select the one that suits your project needs.   
  4. Review your selection and the quote given.
  5. Click “Checkout” to complete your order.
  6. Your order will go directly to the selected voice artist. It’s that easy!
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