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Helping human beings thrive across all cultures 

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Self-care is booming. The Global Wellness Institute projects the Health & Wellness industry could reach $7 trillion in 2025. 


After experiencing operational risks caused by the pandemic, many companies are expanding employee health & wellness programs. 


Executives predict that consumers will seek more and more control and personalization in wellness products and services. 


70% of US adults say they use a search engine such as Google to research information on health and wellness.

Your customer's wellbeing matters

Communication First

Expanding across borders is bound to increase your revenue but also adds complexities into the mix. Expertly localized content means smooth communication about your health-enhancing products and services. 

Help Them Understand

If people can’t access the information you’re distributing because it’s not in their language or it doesn’t resonate culturally, they will miss out because they can’t interact with your products or services. 

Accuracy Is Health

It’s essential that the information you share across the globe is accurate. Expert localization ensures this so there are no mistakes that could negatively impact people’s health. 

We make localizing Health and Wellness videos easy!

Our expert team has over 20 years of localization experience and uses a thorough QA process to streamline projects so that minimal effort is needed from your end.

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