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DIY Tools for your convenience

For your convenience, we’ve developed do-it-yourself localization tools to help you get quicker results at a nominal fee (almost free). These are useful tools for :

A quick turnaround time and a limited budget

Doing test runs of your videos in another language with voiceover or subtitles, or both

Making translated videos quickly for internal team training

Deciding if you want a male or female voice

Helping you decide if you want a dubbed or subtitled video

Testing out your script


Generate multilingual audio with AI-enhanced lifelike text-to-speech voices in over 40 languages.  Try the various natural sounding voices with your own script until you’ve found the one you like, and then download the audio file. 

Subtitle Burner

An easy-to-use subtitle editing tool that can quickly burn subtitles into your video in any language you want. No software or app to download or install – it’s all online. 


Transcribe your video or audio file automatically in an instant. Our free machine transcription tool uses advanced machine learning technology to transcribe the voice data into the most common languages. 

Video Translation Management System (VTMS)

At VideoLocalize, we have developed a video translation management system (VTMS), a SaaS-based platform, to help you manage all your video localization projects.

Kickstart your expansion into the global market

We deliver the same videos back to you…in the languages you want. You’d never know the difference.