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Subtitle Burner

Easily burn subtitles into your video in any language without installing any software

Add subtitles to all types of videos

Subtitle Burner is an easy-to-use online subtitle editing tool that burns subtitles into your video in any language. Add your translated script and customize how your subtitles look on the screen - choose the size, color, and text background to get crisp and clear captions for every audience.

eLearning Videos

Animated Videos

Explainer or Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Training Videos

IVR/Phone Messages

About Subtitles

Captions vs Subtitles

Captions are a transcription of the dialogue (spoken audio) in a video while subtitles are a translation of that dialogue. They both appear as text at the bottom of your screen.

Burned-in Subtitles

Subtitles will always appear on the screen, regardless of which media player the video is played on. This also means that the subtitles cannot be turned off, nor can their size, background color, or font color be changed once it’s burned in.

Perfect for Videos

Subtitle editing and video subtitle burning are the perfect options for videos with a lot of onscreen graphics or textual information because the subtitle text can be pre-determined ahead in terms of placement, colors, and transparency filters so that it can be read clearly.

Start subtitling your videos now

User Friendly

Three simple steps, all done online

Quick Turnaround

Burn subtitles in just a few minutes

Files Supported


Customizable Text

Choose how your subtitles look on the screen

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