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Corporate Communications

Communicate important and essential information to your workforce in their own language.

Increase information retention and engagement

Localize your corporate communication videos faster with VideoLocalize’s patented automated dubbing technology and human-backed localization expertise.


People prefer information their own language. If you’ve got important corporate communications to share with your employees, localize the content to increase their interest. 


Localizing corporate communication videos in the language of your workforce shows them that you care about their knowledge and contributions and that can be very motivating.  


Well informed employees are more likely to be engaged and produce good results and quality work for an organization. Localize important information in their native language to improve their understanding. 


Our automated dubbing approach ensures fast turnarounds. Using AI-powered voiceovers is budget-friendly and guarantees quick delivery. Our human-backed QA process ensures linguistic accuracy.  

Keep your workforce informed and engaged when you speak their language

Consistent Communication 

Sharing key information and messages with your global workforce in one language is fine. But why not share your corporate communications in the languages of employees wherever they are? Our technology makes localizing video content much more efficient and affordable. 

Ensure Audience’s Comprehension 

Giving a speech to your global workforce in your native language makes sense. But does that mean all your employees will understand it fully? Localizing important information in the different languages your employees speak will help them absorb and retain the information .  

Higher Engagement 

When your employees are able to clearly understand important corporate communications, they will feel more confident and also appreciate the company’s investment in them. The better they understand and retain crucial information, the more invested in the company they’re likely to become. 


lower employee turnover at businesses with effective communication

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