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Employee Training Videos

Train your workforce in their language for better employee engagement, knowledge retention and productivity. 

Train your employees in their language

Localize your employee training videos faster with VideoLocalize’s patented automated dubbing technology and proven localization services.


People naturally learn better in their own language. Train your global workforce better by translating all your training videos in their languages. 


Using AI-powered synthetic voiceovers cuts down on the time and cost for the voice recordings. 


Our patented dubbing automation process makes it faster to localize a few videos or many videos, in one language or multiple languages. 


Our video localization experts are here to help you make your training videos approachable and localized for a global workforce 

Make employee training easier with localized videos

Reduce staff turnover 

Communicating with your global employees in their local languages provides a clearer and more relevant communication channel, improving their overall job engagement and satisfaction. 

Improve knowledge absorption and retention 

Since we all learn better in our own language, it means we also absorb faster and more information, and subsequently we also retain more knowledge. The more knowledge employees retain, the more they are likely to excel in their jobs. 

Encourage employee engagement 

Employees who are engaged with their organization and roles are assets in any business. When you engage with them in their own language, they will feel valued and more satisfied with their roles. This will improve their productivity and contribution. 


of consumers prefer products with information in their own language

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