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Our video localization technology and expertise can give you the edge. Save time and money with our customized automated dubbing, subtitling, and voiceovers services.  

Extend your content reach using our video localization expertise

Automated Dubbing

Elevate your brand with videos dubbed in all the languages of your customers and employees worldwide.  Dub your existing video content faster and more affordably with automated dubbing. 

Subtitling and Captioning

Extend your market reach & go global with subtitled videos. The more people who can understand your content in their own language, the greater your impact and accessibility to a wider audience. 

Voiceover Services

Let your videos speak the language of your audience. Get voice recordings from voiceover artists in over 70 languages. Or use natural sounding AI-powered voices for a faster turnaround and less costly alternative.  

High Volume Solutions

Customized video localization solutions designed to help you reach new markets and new customers more efficiently and cost-effectively. We provide complete end-to-end video localization services for your video projects: transcription, script translation, voice recordings, dubbing and post-production editing.  

We make it easy for companies to grow their global business with our innovative video localization expertise.

DIY Tools at your finger tips

For your convenience, we’ve developed easy to use and low cost DIY tools that gives you quicker results.

Why Businesses Choose VideoLocalize

Experienced in High Volume Video Projects

Translate your entire video library into as many languages as you need. Whether you’ve got over 50 videos to translate into 5 languages or just a single video to be localized into 20 languages, we’ve got the experience to handle these multi-faceted projects and anything in between.

Automated Dubbing Technology

Our automatic synchronization technology shortens the video dubbing process by automatically synchronizing the video with the audio, reducing time and cost.

High Quality Localized Videos

Our team of localization specialists are highly experienced and dedicated. We always produce high quality videos which meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Top Notch Customer Service

We work with you every step of the way to make sure your requests are met and that your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Faster Turnaround Time

Combining our automated dubbing technology with a streamlined project workflow means a faster turnaround time.

Kickstart your expansion into the global market

We deliver the same videos back to you…in the languages you want. You’d never know the difference.