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Product Training Videos

Localized product training videos will win over your current customers and attract new ones to your brand. 

Train your customer in their language

Localize your product training videos quicker and more affordably with VideoLocalize’s patented automated dubbing technology and proven localization services.


People naturally learn better in their own language. Translate your product training videos to efficiently educate current and future customers. 


Using AI-generated voiceovers cuts down on the time and cost of the whole localization process.   


Whether you have just a few training videos or a huge library of videos to localize, VideoLocalize’s dubbing automation makes it easier and faster to localize them all. 


Our video localization experts are here to help you make your product training approachable and understandable for your customers.  

Make product training easier with localized videos for your customers

Increase product uptake 

When you make it easier for your customers to learn how to use your products, you will have customers who are happy to use them, continue to use them, and are more likely to recommend them to others. 

Motivate training participation 

People always learn better in their own language. If your product training content is localized for them already, they will be more motivated to watch your videos and participate in the product training. 

Retain customers easier 

Give your customers a helping hand by translating all your product training videos. If they’re familiar with your products and enjoy your training videos, they’re more likely to be loyal customers and speak well of your brand. 


of consumers prefer products with information in their own language

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Find out how you can localize all your product training library through VideoLocalize’s scalable and proven automated dubbing process at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.