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Translate your entire video library and enrich your audience’s knowledge with content in their own languages. We are specialists in localizing tons of videos into as many languages as you need.  

  • Fast turnarounds
  • Excellent service and accuracy
  • Satisfaction and quality guaranteed

Why do video localization?

Video has become a popular medium of communicating information

You can find scores of videos online about every topic you can think of. People are learning how to do many new things by watching them, from setting up fancy espresso machines to learning about new cultures and languages to getting information and news about their city, country and the world around them. Why not reach out to them in their own language?

Keep your customers loyal

Expand your brand

Save time and money

Trusting the localization of all your videos with us is a smart decision.

Our team of localization experts will take care of the whole project from start to finish and guide you along the entire process. It doesn’t matter how many videos or how many languages you need, we’ve got your back.  

High volume projects

Multi-faceted projects

Excellent account support

Multiple languages

Quality guaranteed

Speak with a pro

Reach out to our team with any questions you mays have, or to start your project today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

What do you mean by video localization?

Video localization means customizing your original video for a specific market that is different from the original intended audience.  This usually refers to differences in language and culture, and making your video understandable by adding translated subtitles and / or voiceover recordings in the target languages. It can also include changes in the images and / or on-screen text to make it more relevant to the target audience. A simple example would be the term “football” in the UK is called “soccer” in the US. 

What languages can you provide?

We can localize your videos into any language you want based on the following conditions: subtitles are possible in any language as long as the script can be translated in that language; videos can be dubbed in any language where there is a professional voiceover recording of the translated script. Our goal is to ensure we can help our clients achieve their objectives. Each video localization project is different and we will work with you to provide customized solutions that meets your timeline and budget. 

What is your confidentiality and security policy?

All files are encrypted and kept on secure servers. Our internal staff and freelancer resources are all bound by NDAs and confidentiality agreements. 

What if I am not satisfied with my localized videos?

We’ve hardly received any complaints with our video localization deliveries. We always aim to follow the requirements of the clients very closely and specifically. However, if there are any mistakes due to our own oversight, we will gladly provide free revisions within a reasonable period of time. Simply explain what needs to be corrected and our team will make the changes right away.  

Still have questions?

Kickstart your expansion into the global market

We deliver the same videos back to you…in the languages you want. You’d never know the difference. 


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