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Our Technologies

Get to market faster with our time-saving video localization technologies that reduce the workload, save time, and cut costs.

Our patented automatic synchronization technology

Our automatic synchronization technology shortens the video dubbing process by automatically synchronizing the video with the audio and generating a localized video much quicker than traditional manual methods.

Imagine trying to ‘fit’ the target language audio into the source video using the traditional manual methods – it’s costly and time-consuming. This is the main reason we developed our patented automated technology.

Some projects do not have the luxury of a big budget or lots of time while some do not need to be dubbed using the costly manual method. Our automatic synchronization technology reduces the amount of time and production cost significantly, allowing our clients to reallocate their valuable time and money elsewhere.

Traditionally, synchronizing a video in its original source language with an audio track in another language (target language) requires hours of manual effort and technical expertise to ensure they match up perfectly. This is because each language varies in length, especially when spoken. For example, when reading the same sentence out loud in English and in French, the French will generally end up being longer, taking a few seconds longer. In a full script, these few seconds becomes much longer, making it very difficult to synchronize or match the length of the original video.

AI Dubbing Technology

The latest advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) has led to natural-sounding text-to-speech (TTS) voices. What’s even more exciting is that these lifelike synthetic voices are now available in multiple languages, and are perfect for localization.

Automated voices for text-to-speech allow brands, companies, and organizations to deliver enhanced content to multilingual markets faster while minimizing costs. Our realistic sounding Al voices are a great option when considering voiceovers for your next voice projects.

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Video Translation Management System (VTMS)

An end-to-end platform, it’s the place to manage all your video localization projects. It features our patented automatic synchronization technology that instantly syncs the voiceover with the video.

A Game-Changing Video Localization Platform

Video localization involves multiple stages and various tasks that need collaboration from different people. With VTMS, you have the freedom and flexibility to manage the entire localization process at your own pace. Everyone involved – from project managers to translators, voice talents, and reviewers – can complete their tasks on VTMS, simplifying communication and project management.

Scalable and Flexible

Whether there’s one video or hundreds of videos, VTMS was developed with the capacity and capability to localize any number of videos. Our patented automated synchronization technology enables faster processing time so that it’s easier and quicker to turnaround multiple videos in a much shorter time.

The VTMS platform supports 100+ languages and is cloud-based, so no installation is required. It’s most suited for ‘how-to’ videos, eLearning videos, corporate training videos, marketing videos, and product introduction videos.

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We have localized thousands of videos into many languages. We are also experts in high volume localization projects.   


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