(It actually stands for “Video Translation Management System” but we like VTMS better!)

A Game-Changing Video Localization Platform

Video localization involves multiple stages and various tasks that need collaboration from different people. At VideoLocalize, we have developed a video translation management system (VTMS), a SaaS-based platform, to help you manage all your video localization projects.

Advantages of VTMS

It features our patented automatic synchronization technology that instantly syncs the voiceover with the video in a matter of minutes.

Everyone-from project managers to translators, voice talents, and reviewers-can complete their tasks on VTMS, simplifying communication and project management.

This do-it-yourself platform allows you the freedom and flexibility to manage the entire localization process at your own pace.

The VTMS platform is cloud-based, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and supports 100+ languages.

VTMS is most suited for short videos such as those used for ‘how-to’ videos, eLearning, corporate training, marketing, and product introduction.


Manage each stage in the localization process: transcription and subtitling; translation; voiceover recording; synchronization and mixing. Use all or just some of these features – it’s all in your control!


See VTMS In Action