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Capture the imagination of donors around the globe 

Effective and caring communication

Nonprofits embody the best in people - your message should reflect that.


A well localized video will tell your organization’s story with the same emotional impact as the original one intended. 


Localization is essential for global donors and members for many reasons, such as the use of different currencies from one country to another. 


Reaching potential donors, volunteers, and employees is more effective when videos are localized in their native languages. 


Providing information with localized videos to the community you serve may be the best way to inform them about available services. 

Leverage videos to retell your story

Grow Your Reach

If you already have videos that raise awareness about your nonprofit, use them to expand your global community reach by localizing them into other languages. 

Generate Clicks

There has never been a more important time for online videos. A reported 87% of professionals use video as a marketing tool. Localize your fundraising videos to generate clicks. 

Inform & Inspire

Increase awareness, drive fundraising and promote your cause around the globe with localized videos that tell your powerful story. A well localized video can also inspire people to get involved. 

We make localizing non-profit videos easy!

Our expert team has over 20 years of localization experience and uses a thorough QA process to streamline projects so that minimal effort is needed from your end.

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Our Non-Profit clients count on our cutting-edge technology and expertise for professional and impactful translated videos.