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VideoLocalize is a game-changing video translation management system
which automates timing, subtitling and audio video synchronization.

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Translating a video script is not like translating a document. With video, translators have to make sure the translated word count fits within the same timeframe as the original script. VideoLocalize makes video script translation easy by providing word-count-per-minute so translators can fit within the allotted time. Translations that fit. No editing costs.


Similarly, to avoid time-consuming audio/video post-editing work, voice talents have to fit their spoken words within the same timeframe that the original speaker used in the original video. VideoLocalize uses a karaoke-style voice-over method to ensure “fit,” and to eliminate the need to spend excess time and money on post-editing. Voices that fit. You save money.


Sending voice samples back and forth between project managers, translators, reviewers, and voice talent by email is no small matter. Nor is commenting on audio sentences. VideoLocalize lets you manage all communications related to audio and video work right within the platform. Track translations and voice-over down to the sentence level.

We are working hard to revolutionize the way you do video localization.
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VideoLocalize proudly wins
the 2016 TAUS Innovation Award

..."A really solid tool to scale video localization."

..."Applying karaoke technology outside the bar – brilliant."

..."This is such a simple concept, but it can dramatically reduce [time spent on] video localization."

..."A real disruptor and game changer."

..."Video growth is a challenge for many."

― Voters of TAUS Innovation Awards Contest

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?

VideoLocalize is free to try out. Some features require a paid plan. Pricing is available here.

Do I need to install software in my computer?

No. VideoLocalize is a cloud based online platform, you don’t have to install anything. Voice talents can do recordings online using a browser.

What video and subtitle format you support?

We support the following video formats: MP4, AVI and etc. For subtitles, we currently support SRT. We will support more subtitle formats shortly.

How do I do post production?

You don’t have to do post production. You just download the final audio and video after the synchronization is done.