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Video localization that grows your business

Reach a global audience anywhere, affordable and faster with our patented dubbing technology. 

  • Instant dubbing
  • Scalable & Affordable
  • Quick turnaround time

We make it easy for businesses to expand their market reach

Work with a trusted partner with the expertise to help you connect with a global audience through video content localized in their language

Businesses we've helped

What do you need?

We specialize in these types of content:

Marketing Projects

Extend your market reach with localized promotional videos

Product Training

Enhance customer knowledge of your products 

Online Education

Facilitate learning in your students’ languages 

Digital media

Reach new audiences globally 

Employee Training

Train your employees anywhere in the world in their language 

Corporate Communications

Keep your workforce in the loop and engaged 

Why businesses choose VideoLocalize

Video Translation Experts – Let us do the heavy lifting

Experienced in High Volume Video Projects

Translate your entire video library into as many languages as you need.  Whether you’ve got over 50 videos to translate into 5 languages or just a single video to be localized into 20 languages, we’ve got the experience to handle these multi-faceted projects and anything in between. 

Patented Dubbing Technology

Our patented dubbing technology will integrate the audio elements into the video automatically, instead of the traditional method of doing it manually, saving you time and money.  

High Quality Localized Videos

We deliver the same videos back to you…with the same high quality and in the languages you requested. You’d never know the difference. 

Top Notch Customer Service

We work with you every step of the way to make sure your requests are met and that your projects are completed on time and on budget. 

Faster Turnaround Time

Quick dubbing + streamlined project workflow = faster turnaround time 

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Important Dubbing Terms Used in Video Localization

Dubbing terms used in video localization can be nuanced; therefore, to communicate clearly with your…

Kickstart your expansion into the global market

We deliver the same videos back to you…in the languages you want. You’d never know the difference.


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