Multilingual Video Dubbing

We specialize in multilingual video dubbing! If you need to localize a video into other languages, we will manage the entire project for you from transcription to voice-over recording to audio-video synchronization.

Our team has extensive experience in video dubbing for complex and multi-faceted projects, in particular multiple videos into multiple languages. While you focus on the translation of the transcript into the required target languages, we will get to work on finding appropriate voice talents and arranging the recordings with them. Once we received the final translated transcript, we will work with the voice talents to ensure the recording matches the client’s quality expectations. Using our proprietary technology MagicSync, we will automatically synchronize the audio recording to the video, and deliver a polished localized video.

Our technical experts stand ready to handle any special requests as well. Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your project needs.

Types of videos we handle…

Promotional or marketing, product introduction, eLearning, corporate training, ‘how-to’ videos, etc.  We typically do not work on films and commercials.