VideoLocalize wins the TAUS Innovation Excellence Award

VideoLocalize wins the TAUS Innovation Excellence Award

November 8, 2016, Toronto – Boffin, the Asian language service provider, today announced that its new VideoLocalize platform has won the coveted TAUS Innovation Excellence Award in the Insider category. TAUS, the resource center for the global language and translation industries, presented the award to President and Co-founder George Zhao following his presentation at the organization’s Annual Conference in Porland, Oregon.



“We are very pleased to be recognized as one of the translation industry’s ‘Gamer Changers’ of 2016,” says Zhao. “Our VideoLocalize platform grew from our clients’ expanding need for voice-over video work, as many clients are producing more and more video, yet it is expensive and time-consuming to map translated voice to video.”

VideoLocalize, according to Zhao, solves that problem by presenting voice-over talent with just a line at a time, Karaoke style, so that each spoken sentence matches in every language the first time. “When you can record just a sentence at a time, you save many hours of post audio-video editing work,” says Zhao. “And that translates into big financial savings.”

It was that combination of innovation and benefit to the industry at large that led to Boffin’s receipt of the Award. “All industries must change to keep pace with a fast-moving world, and the translation industry is no different” says Zhao. “With text increasingly shifting to video, it was clear to us that low-cost video localization is a must, which in turn led us to create, the industry’s first video localization platform.”

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