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Convert your script to lifelike text to speech voices in over 40 languages

The latest advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) has led to natural-sounding text-to-speech (TTS) voices. What’s even more exciting is that these lifelike synthetic voices are now available in multiple languages, and are perfect for localization.

Over 100 voice skins in 40+ languages available and counting...

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Automated voices for text to speech allow brands, companies, and organizations to deliver enhanced content to multilingual markets faster while minimizing costs. Our realistic sounding Al voices are a great option when considering voiceovers for your next voice projects.

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Key Benefits of Using TTS Voiceovers

Using natural AI-powered voices can reduce the cost and time it takes to hire human voice talent. AI voice text to speech services also avoid renting a studio and hiring an audio engineer for post-production work. Text to speech demo services is a popular choice for voice projects greatly because it accelerates production time without being dependent on the schedules of the voice talent and studio.


This is especially convenient when a re-recording is needed. Mainly because the synthetic voice is available at any time to be adjusted, to reflect the pronunciation, intonation, and inflection — at no extra charge.

As technology progresses, these natural-sounding text-to-speech voices are available in more languages. AI voices are perfectly suited for many types of localization uses because of their human-like sound and adjustable inflections. Since they offer quicker turnaround times and lower costs, this is an important advantage when dealing with multiple languages. Moreover, these text to speech video services also helps multiple voiceover artists all over the world.

If you have a tight deadline and budget, it’s definitely worth considering using our text to speech tool services.

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