VideoLocalize Integrates Voice Over and Transcription Services

VideoLocalize Integrates Voice Over and Transcription Services

Markham, Ontario – March 23, 2018 – VideoLocalize, the world’s first fully automatic video localization platform, is announcing the release of its platform’s latest features. In addition to automating the dubbing process, users can now order voice over and transcription services directly from its platform.


“Even before this updated version, people called VideoLocalize ‘brilliant’ and ‘a disruptor and game changer,’” says George Jie Zhao, CEO of VideoLocalize. “Now, a fully automatic video localization process is available, giving companies everything they need to manage low-cost video localization projects in a world increasingly dominated by video.”


With, a project manager can manage the entire video localization project on this one platform: order a transcription service, add subtitles, select a voice talent and book a voice over recording, and then automatically synchronize the recording with the video. Alternatively, using the TTS (text to speech) feature can generate a localized video in another language almost instantly.


Says Zhao, “All the services are integrated, so it’s easy to order the services you need and manage the whole project all on one platform. You don’t need to contact services separately anymore.” It’s a platform where users can manage the whole process and the resources needed, simplifying communication and reducing project management costs.


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