Video Captioning

We make your video captioning project a piece of cake! With any of your video captioning projects, VideoLocalize is your technical partner.  While you may have the expertise in translating subtitles, our expert localization team has the experience and technical know-how to support you with all the engineering aspects required to deliver a high-quality captioned video.  Whatever your video captioning needs are, we will ensure that the captions are clear and properly place to ensure nothing important is obscured, and that the captions look perfect.

VideoLocalize Caption Sample

If you don’t need a comprehensive service, why not try out our free subtitle tool? In a matter minutes, you will have a subtitled video.  

Multilingual Video Dubbing

We specialize in multilingual video dubbing – so while you handle the translation part, we’ll do the rest!

Our team has extensive experience in video dubbing for complex and multi-faceted projects, in particular multiple videos into multiple languages.  While you focus on the translation of the transcript into the required target languages, we will get to work on finding appropriate voice talents and arranging the recordings with them.  Once we received the final translated transcript, we will work with the voice talents to ensure the recording matches the client’s quality expectations. Finally, using our proprietary technology Magic Sync, we will automatically synchronize the audio recording to the video, and deliver a polished localized video.

Voice & Dialogue Dubbing

The foreign-language voice starts & ends at the same time as the original audio, but there is no synchronization to lip movements.

Narration Voice-Over

The narrated voice is in a foreign language, but translations of on-screen text and dialogue are displayed on screen.