End-to-End Video Localization Services

Providing all the localization support you need

The video localization process is made up of several tasks that require services from various professionals.  This often means you need to access the appropriate resources and have the time to manage these tasks.  At VideoLocalize, we want to help save you time by offering these services as a complete video localization solution or even as separate services – whatever suits your needs.

Subtitling & Captioning

Subtitling is a method where captions of the spoken dialogue or narrative are displayed at the bottom of the video screen. These captions are timed according to the start of the dialogue and stay on screen long enough for adequate readability.

There are two types of captions: open captions and closed captions, and VideoLocalize can produce both types. Open captions are burned into the video permanently: they will always appear, regardless of which media player the video is played on. This also means that the subtitles cannot be turned off, neither can their size, background color or font color be changed. Closed captions, on the other hand, can be turned on or off by the viewer, but they can only be displayed when the media player or video sharing site being used supports it.

Once your video has been generated with subtitles, the video will go through our final QA process to make sure that the subtitles are clear and properly placed so that nothing important is obscured, and that the subtitled video looks perfect.

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A translated script is essential to localizing a video. We will accept your translated script and make it ready for video localization. If you need the script to be translated, we will help you with that as well. Our global team of experienced native speaking linguists can translate over 60 languages and in all subject matters.

For videos which are a part of a series, we also provide services in terminology management, translation style guide as well translation memory creation.

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Human Voiceover Recording

We offer human voiceover recording services, either as a separate service or as part of the whole video localization project.
Casting – We will select the voice talents based on your video style.  When you approve the voices selected, we will arrange the recording session.
Pronunciation Guide – We will work with you and the voice talents to define the appropriate pronunciation guide.
Recording Direction  – We will work closely with the voice talents to follow your recording direction and to ensure the recording matches your quality expectations.

VO MarketPlace is an online voiceover market which contains hundreds of voice talents in over 60 of the most common languages.  You can select the voice talent you like, make an online order and get the recording back in 3 business days.

All the voice talents in our VO MarketPlace are native speakers, and are carefully selected for their voice quality and reliability.

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Text To Speech (TTS) Voices

Our Text To Speech (TTS) feature offers over 100 voice skins in over 40 languages. These natural sounding voices are all available to you when localizing a video with our in-house platform, VTMS. Using a synthetic voice reduces the cost and time it takes to hire a human voice talent, rent a studio and hire an audio engineer for post-production work. The advancement of artificial intelligence has improved automated text to speech tremendously: it sounds much less robotic and much more humanlike than ever.

TTS voices are perfect for eLearning, animations, ‘how-to’ instructional videos, and training videos. And if you have a tight deadline or budget, it’s definitely worth considering using our TTS voice services.

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Video Dubbing & Synchronization

Dubbing –  is a method where the original speaker’s audio track is replaced entirely by the localized voice recording. Our team has extensive experience in video localization for complex and multi-faceted projects, in particular, multiple videos into multiple languages.

Using our proprietary patented technology, we will automatically synchronize the audio recording to the video; at this stage, we will mix in any background music or sound effects, if required. After a rigorous QA process, we can deliver a polished localized video.

Synchronization If you have the audio and video files ready, and just need to integrate them together, we have the technology and expertise to do it for you instantly.  We will use our patented dubbing technology to automatically synchronize the audio and video files for you. This saves you valuable time and resources – no more time-consuming and tedious manual synchronization.

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Technical Production Services

Localized UI Screen Recording – Often times, in localized videos involving software training, the UI of the software remains in English. This is not very useful to learners who want to learn how to use the software in their own language, especially when the software’s UI exists in their own language. VideoLocalize can solve that problem for you: we’ve developed the technical expertise to incorporate localized UI screens into each video in its target language as part of the video localization process. We will work with you to produce a fully localized software training video that can successfully train the learners watching the videos.

On-Screen Text & Visual Effects – Does your video have on-screen text (OST) and visual effects? Whether you want to localize them, remove them or relocate them, our experienced technical engineers can treat them according to your requirements.

M & E MixingWe have the engineering expertise to mix the M & E, which refers to music and sound effects, to your video. Should you require it, we will also choose the background music or create the sound effects for your video.

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