VTMS (Video Translation Management System)

At Videolocalize, we have developed a complete end-to-end platform to handle all your video localization needs.  This do-it-yourself platform allows you the freedom and flexibility to manage the entire localization process at your own pace.  Part synchronization tool, part voice-talent pool, and part project management environment, VTMS gives translators, project managers, voice talents, and clients the tools they need to complete video localization projects, and a way to work together online, simplifying communication and project management.   And you will have total control of delivery time and final product. From beginning to end, you are in the driver’s seat.


After you’ve uploaded your video, you need to upload a transcription of the video.  If you do not have one, VTMS can generate one for you – either by machine (free) or by human transcription (paid).  If you have a transcript already, but it doesn’t contain time codes, you can upload the file and we’ll generate the time codes for you automatically.


The next step is to get the transcript translated.  Our platform offers you the option to upload your own translated transcript (with time codes) or you can use our free machine translation tools.  A great feature of VTMS is that it allows you edit the translation directly on screen. And you can hear it audio playback in the translated language.


Once you are satisfied with the translation, it’s time to do the recording.  We have a pool of voiceover artists for you to choose from. There are native speaking voiceover artists recording in the most common languages spoken in the world, including French, Chinese, Arabic, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian and many more.  Listen to the samples provided for each artist, select the delivery timeframe, and then book the voiceover artist you want through our online payment system.


When the recording is completed and uploaded into the system, you will then move onto the last stage – the mixing stage, where the audio recording will be automatically synchronized with the video.  Our award-winning technology, Magic Sync, will adjust the length of the audio recording as well as the video to make sure the final localized video comes out perfectly synched.