Video Captioning

With any of your video captioning projects, VideoLocalize is your technical partner. While you may have the expertise in translating subtitles, our expert localization team has the experience and technical know-how to support you with all the engineering aspects required to deliver a high-quality captioned video.

We will look after the transcription and time-coding, and then burn the subtitles into your video, followed by a final QA check before sending you the final captioned video – all you need to do is the translate the script.

Whatever your video captioning needs are, we will ensure that the captions are clear and properly place to ensure nothing important is obscured, and that the captions look perfect.

Types of videos we handle…
Promotional or marketing, product introduction, eLearning, corporate training, ‘how-to’ videos, etc. We typically do not work on films and commercials.